On August 19th, the Stafford Board of Supervisors will be briefed on the number and content of the incinerator proposals received as a result of the May 30th Request for Proposals (RFP # 85144). Bids were due by August 4th.

The BOS meetings are held at 3 PM and 7 PM, and as of this time, it is not known when the briefing will be given. In all likelihood, it will be during the 3 PM session. The BOS posts the Agenda on the Stafford website, http://stafford.va.us/index.aspx?NID=923. The Agendas are usually not posted until a few days before the meetings.

It is imperative that as many people as possible come to either one of the meetings and speak out against the BOS awarding anything that includes thermal processes. Here are some talking points:

  • FACT: The solicitation allows thermal processes that are defined by EPA as incinerators, despite claims to the contrary.
  • FACT: The landfill is losing money, but the revenue shortfall seems to be intentionally created and could easily be fixed.
  • FACT: Fees charged by the landfill are the 2nd lowest in the region and do not cover the actual cost of processing garbage.
  • FACT: A proposed new high school (Cliff Farm) is less than 1 mile from the incinerator, and there are 2 schools (Brooke Point High School and Stafford Middle School, a hospital, and a senior center within 2 miles of the proposed incinerator.
  • FACT: Incinerators cause significant health issues for everyone, especially children, the elderly, and pregnant women; they speed up climate change; and they pollute air, land, and water.
    • FACT: Pyrolysis, gasification, plasma arc, and other thermal processes are defined by the EPA as incinerators.
    • FACT: These thermal processes have never been successfully built and implemented anywhere in the US, with only a few actually built anywhere in the world. If we are the first, we will become the “Incinerator Guinea Pig of the US”.
    • FACT: The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will issue permits to any thermal process under incinerator regulations.
    • FACT: There are schools (Brooke Point High School, Stafford Middle School, and the proposed Cliff Farm school), hospitals, senior centers, etc. within 2 miles of the proposed incinerator site.
    • FACT: Incinerators will release many toxins as a result of the incineration process. They will either go into the air, or into groundwater, or into the landfill. These toxins do not disappear when incinerated (lead, mercury, heavy metals, etc.), or they are actually created during the incineration process (microparticles, ash, and dioxins).
    • FACT: killing chemicals, and potentially leach into groundwater.
    • FACT: Ash from the incinerators will be highly concentrated toxic ash that must be landfilled.

Demand that:

  • no garbage be imported from anywhere other than Fredericksburg and Stafford;
  • tires not be excluded from the definition of municipal solid waste;
  • the County not change its ordinance that prohibits importing garbage from other jurisdictions; the BOS eliminate from consideration any and all thermal options (pyrolysis, gasification, plasma arc, etc.) bid by companies;
  • the BOS only consider options that focus on recycling, reusing, and reclaiming waste; all of which create small business jobs, boost the local economy, extend the life of the landfill, and significantly reduce pollution and health risks.

Be there! The neighborhood you save may be your own.