Links to Health Problems Caused by Incinerators

Congressional Briefing: Human Health Effects of Biomass Incinerators – Save America’s Forests 9/25/12 [Presentations by Rachel Smolker, William Sammons, Norma Kreilein, & William Blackley]

Second Opinion: The Medical Profession Diagnoses Biomass Incineration – Therese Vick – Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League 9/6/11 (Revised 11/15/11)

Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry: The case for ending taxpayer and rate-payer subsidies that harm public health, environment, climate, and forest – Biomass Accountability Project 6/11 [Contributors: Margaret Sheehan, Samantha Chirillo, Josh Schlossberg, William Sammons, Matt Leonard, Energy Justice Network]

Medical testimony jointly submitted by the Bowmanville Area Medical Association and Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario opposing the Durham-York waste incinerator 5/11

ISDE Waste Incinerator Resolution – Association of Doctors for the Environment, ISDE Italy (Affiliate of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment) 9/09

Incineration and Links to Cancer – Prevent Cancer Now 1/09

Health Effects of Incineration: Resource Links – Prevent Cancer Now 1/09 Waste Gasification: Impacts on the Environment and Public Health – Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League 2/09

Incinerators Trash Community Health – Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) 6/08

The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators: 4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, Second Edition 6/08

Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste: An Update on Pollution – Pembina Institute in collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Legal, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Canadian Environmental Law Association and Great Lakes United  5/07

Irish Doctors Environmental Association: Incinerators and their Health Effects 6/15/06

No Incentives for Incinerators Statement – Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and other organizations 2007

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