If you want to understand the terminology, read this. It was created by activists from Houston, TX, in their fight to stop incineration.

A scary discussion of burning tires in an incinerator, succinctly stated by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice ( www.chej. org).

A one-page flyer that describes how bad incinerators are, created by the Energy Justice Network (energyjustice.net)

The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ.org) put together a well-written compilation of facts and sources that discuss just how bad burning tires is for our health.

A somewhat complicated chart depicting various incinerator technologies created by the Energy Justice Network (energyjustice.net).

Updates on Japan’s troubled Incinerators.

A fact sheet on trash incineration, debunking the “waste-to-energy” myth.

A thorough set of questions from the People for Clean Mountains (peopleforcleanmountains.com) about the proposed Penrose NC Biomass Energy Plant.

A good presentation about incinerators, pyrolysis, and tires, by the Energy Justice Network (energyjustice.net).

A report evaluating the pyrolysis gasification facility developed by Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice (Greenaction.org)

Two well-respected organizations, Greenaction for Health & Environmental Justice, and Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) issued a report in April 2006, that discusses the reality of incinerators, problems with existing incinerator facilities, and the onslaught of proposals to build more and more of them, in localities that are ill-equipped to understand the damage that they can do. Incinerator Case Studies include  Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and in the US, in Honolulu, Hawaii and Richland, Washington.

Analysis of the Brown County Incinerator proposal.