Human Health Effects of Biomass Incineration

Three accomplished physicians, and the co-director of Biofuelwatch explain to Congress that biomass incinerators (including tire incinerators) are an unacceptable waste solution.

  • The first presentation describes Vermont’s McNeil Biomass Incinerator, and explains that it causes the most air pollution of all the facilities in the state. It also points out that governmental regulations are consistently UNSUCCESSFUL in controlling the dangers of the existing biomass incinerators.
  • The second presentation explains how regulations measure mass of released pollutants instead of the number; the danger of cancerous particulates released into the air lies in the fact that they are ultra light and ultra plentiful.
  • The third connects the biomass air pollution with an increase in patients in his region, particularly asthmatic children.
  • The fourth presentation on this site explains exactly what is a Dioxin: “most toxic chemicals known to man” (slide 20). After exposure, most humans cannot get rid of the accumulated dioxins in their bodies. The one exception is pregnant women: they pass their dioxins to their unborn children.

Congressional Briefing, September ​2012


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