Rockbridge, VA – Replace the landfill with a pyrolysis plant? (No)

When Rockbridge County, VA was told to close its landfill, Community Energy Independence sent them the following unsolicited proposal to build a pyrolysis plant:

The proposal, similar to EEP’s proposal to Stafford, describes a pyrolysis plant that conducts a “proprietary thermo-chemical process.”  Most confusing is CEI’s statement regarding emissions: “…the emission levels from EnerSol technology will be much lower…the base gas elements do not form toxic compounds such as furans, dioxins, and nitrous oxide or sulfur oxide. The few, limited emissions are treated by common fume management methods.” While on p. 11, they claim that there are no negative effects.  In the end, Rockbridge County Supervisors did not need to question CEI’s contradictory statements. CEI decided that rural Rockbridge County did not produce enough trash to make their project viable. Incidentally, EcoCorp also presented a Waste-to-Energy proposal, but never responded to Rockbridge County’s questions. “EcoCorp we just never heard from again.”


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