Health Problems Caused by Ultra-Fine & Nano-Sized Air Particulates

The Deadliest Air Pollution Isn’t Being Regulated or Even Measured – Peter Montague – Rachel’s Democracy & Health News #915 7/12/07

C. Vyvyan Howard MB. ChB. PhD. FRCPath.: Statement of Evidence, Particulate Emissions and Health, Proposed Ringaskiddy Waste-to-Energy Facility, June 2009

Incineration Fact Sheet – Zero Waste 4 Zero Burning [see Sections 1 – 4, especially 4. The following is the text from #4: “The Paris Appeal is an international scientific declaration on chemical pollution proclaimed in 2004. It was signed by over a thousand international scientists and by all the medical governing bodies and representative medical organizations in the EU gathered in the Standing Committee of European Doctors which represents two million European doctors. In 2006, 68 international health and science experts drew up the Memorandum of the Paris Appeal that included a call for a ban on the building of any new incinerators. In June 2008, over 33,000 doctors in the EU and worldwide sent an open letter to the European Parliament with their concerns regarding the health effects from incinerators and that ultra-fine particulate emissions are still not monitored in Europe. They are likewise not monitored or controlled in Canada.”

Nanoparticles – No Incinerators (Dublin) [An Objection filed on the basis of “the failure of this license and of the studies at its basis to consider the toxicity and potentially lethal effects of the nanoparticles, generated by the incineration process, on human health”]

Nanopathology: The Role of Micro and Nanoparticles in Biomaterial-Induced Pathology – Antonietta M Gatti and colleagues – A RTD project funded by the European Commission 2007

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